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Getting a Grip on High Quality Handle Grips

Many industries make use of hand tools and need to ensure these tools have the appropriate grips for optimal results. Thanks to ergonomics improvements and better distribution of handle grips, technicians in many industries, such as the electrical field, find they are able to work more safely, comfortably, and efficiently. This leads to increased productivity, a higher quality of work, a reduction in fatigue, and less wear-and-tear on the tool user's muscles and joints.

The grips, knobs, and handles need to fit comfortably in the user's hand while maximizing the amount of power transferred to the work. Furthermore, the tools need to be both durable and lightweight, and the handle or grip plays a role in this. Companies need to keep the above in mind when choosing hand tools and grips.

The Right Tools for The Job

The tool industry has come a long way over the years. Durable, lightweight materials and innovative designs have been combined to develop individual tools, combination units, and tool families that are capable of carrying out one specific task or a series of different tasks. When choosing these tools, individuals need to find one that won't place a strain on their body or make them twist in unnatural ways. This is especially important for older individuals who have noticed a reduction in their strength and ability to carry out certain tasks. Tools that feature comfortable handle grips and designs tend to be very popular with these people, as are hydraulic tools that can help an individual save time while enhancing their safety.

The Role of Tool Manufacturers

Tool manufacturers understand that many tools remain the same over the years. Younger individuals in any industry tend to be more comfortable using new tool designs or testing new techniques and methods on the job. For this reason, tool manufacturers work to establish brand loyalty early in a person's career. When a tool features a comfort handle grip that makes the person's life easier, they are more likely to buy tools from this company in the future. However, there are times when a person has an older tool that one prefers to work with, and simply replacing the handle with an ergonomic version is often the optimal solution.

The Role of Reid Supply

One advantage that manufacturers have is that they have distributors like Reid Supply partnering with them to offer their products to a vast array of loyal customers. With Reid, manufacturers are able to obtain feedback from their customers; and when their high quality brands are trusted, they continue to freely look for ways to improve on the design of a tool, and make it even more efficient for work and easier use. CAD drawings are often of great help, as well as focus groups; and manufacturers often use information obtained during the feedback process to ultimately increase awareness of their products.

We stock a vast assortment of the industry’s leading manufacturing brands or grips, handles, and knobs. These products function to make projects and tasks easier for the tool user and, to ensure that customers obtain the right product the first time, our trusted team of experts at Reid provide knowledgeable and personalized service along with application expertise to achieve this goal. Free CAD drawings and same day shipping are two other reasons why many companies refuse to work with anyone else! Customers and leading manufacturers can “Trust the Experts” at Reid Supply any time and every time!

If you’re looking for top brand grips, handles, and knobs, feel free to shop Reid Supply online now!