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Brass Rods

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CA360 Rods: This cold finished, nonferrous alloy 360 is a versatile, free cutting, 1/2 hard brass and is the standard of machinability (rated 100%) against which all nonferrous alloys are rated. It's an ideal metal for shop use where milling, drilling, tapping, knurling or turning is required. Brass is a corrosion resistant, rustproof metal that finishes well and is easily plated, soldered and brazed. Typical applications include nuts, bolts, rivets, valve stems, pump shafts and marine hardware. Conforms to ASTM B16. Length tolerances are +/-1/2 in.SAE 841 Rods: These oil-filled, powdered metal, bronze bars are produced to ASTM standards for consistent precision, quality and uniformity. Bars are vacuum impregnated with non-detergent SAE 30 oil to provide excellent lubrication while being corrosion resistant. The O.D. is oversized and the I.D. is undersized to allow for finishing to listed dimensions. Application temperature range is 10 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

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