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Why Reid Supply for Medical Manufacturing?

Reid Supply is a nationwide distributor and provider of medical manufacturing parts for various applications across the medical device production process. We represent the leading names in hygienic products such as knobs, clamps, and leveling mounts from manufacturers like Kipp, Vlier, Destaco, and Mitutoyo. Learn more about our products and how we can help source the components you need by contacting our team today.

Our large selection of medical industrial components and easy online ordering are complemented by our best-in-class technical support and hassle-free customer service. We’ll fill your order quickly with on-time delivery, meaning you won’t skip a beat. Our products touch every aspect of medical equipment and devices, from knurled knob plungers that can be used for back or knee braces to ball detent pins used in braking mechanisms found in common diagnostic equipment.

We have been serving customers for over 75 years, meaning we have unparalleled staying power for long-term production needs and deep partnerships with our vendors. This allows our customers to find additional benefits when a part is out of stock or increased in price – our team can identify substitutions that are more affordable yet still provide the equivalent performance.

Medical Handles and Knobs

Handles and knobs are essential for people working with medical equipment and devices, allowing them to adjust, unlock, and grip components at the manufacturing stage as well as end use cases. We carry hundreds of knobs made from various hygienic materials, including stainless steel, MediGrip Antibacterial, and NovoNox Hygienic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides a versatile, durable, and easy-to-sanitize surface for constantly handled materials, such as knobs and handles. Whether maintaining a clean manufacturing environment or making sterilization of tools or equipment easy, stainless steel is frequently used throughout the medical industry for drawer knobs or handles and locking or clamping handles.


We source pull handles, wing knobs, clamping lever handles, and lobed knobs from Kipp with MediGrip built into the soft-touch plastic handles. MediGrip provides highly effective bacteria, fungi, and corrosion resistance due to its innovative manufacturing process, incorporating silver microparticles into the handled surface.


NovoNox is another Kipp technology product line that utilizes stainless steel parts manufactured to ensure sanitization and to enhance durability over the products’ lifetimes. Novonox clamping handles and pull handles come with Hygienic USIT washers and nuts to ensure a hygienic seal for end use sterilization. This has the added benefit of vastly increasing the usable lifetime of these products due to the seal protecting the shaft from liquids or oxygenation.

Casters and Wheels

Essential to most everyday hospital equipment, manufacturing settings, and un-damaged surfaces are the correct wheels to maneuver devices from one station to another. Our medical casters are made of stainless steel and non-slip rubber treads to ensure non-scratch movability for end use products as well as manufacturing equipment in sterile facilities. These include swiveling casters with bolt or stud mounts as well as stem casters for all your applications.

Hygienic Leveling Feet

Our leveling feet and stainless steel stud feet are made with 304 stainless steel for the easiest-to-clean surface at the base of equipment from desktop products to industrial load-bearing appliances. These stationary feet and the industrial leveling casters we carry allow for highly precise leveling across a wide variety of applications and use cases.

Fasteners and Clamping

The wide variety of fasteners used in the medical and medical manufacturing industry necessitates a variety of solutions to unique application problems or inefficiencies. We carry hygienic clamping knobs, handles, and latches, as well as cam-lock latches made of NovoNox or MediGrip materials to ensure sanitary compatibility across medical applications.

In addition, we are also a reliable supplier of specific 303 stainless steel screws, plungers, drawer slides, and levers for ease of use in human applications. For securing equipment in reliable, frequent-use spaces, we also provide magnetic locking pins of stainless steel to minimize moving parts while ensuring a secure lock for reclining beds or other medical appliances.

Latches and Locks

Security can be among the top priority in medical use cases for industrial components. We provide stainless steel pins, plungers, and locks, including NovoNox Hygienic quarter-turn locks that provide a complete seal for the drawer or hinged door you’re latching. Latches ensure important equipment or medical materials are safely stowed in pre-designated locations and are essential for a compliant workplace.

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