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Why Reid Supply?

Our extensive line of precision instruments, knobs, handles, fasteners, plungers and material handling products represents the top names in medical manufacturing components, like Vlier, Destaco, DimcoGray, Mitutoyo, Southco and Kipp. Our large selection and easy online ordering is complemented by our best-in-class technical support and hassle-free customer service. We’ll fill your order quickly with on-time delivery, you won’t even skip a beat.

We are specialists in meeting the needs of medical manufacturing product applications including:

  • Clamps and workholding easy-to-use options for fixture building/testing, welding and assembly operations.
  • Knurled knob plungers can be found in back braces and knee braces used after procedures and trauma.
  • Ball detent pins used in braking mechanisms found in common diagnostic equipment.
  • Hygienic leveling mounts provide stability to MRI, CAT Scan, surgical tables and oncology treatment delivery systems.

We Are Your Medical Manufacturing Hardware Partner

Unlike many distributors who simply take orders, Reid Supply staff offers you a deep knowledge about the product lines we carry. We are proactive in helping you manage your procurement cycles and supply chain, taking the extra steps to make you aware of changes in supply or manufacturers’ offering. We can help you identify or find ‘equivalent’ products should there ever be supply issues. 

Let us help find the right medical manufacturing components for your needs. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to

Manual and Pneumatic Clamping Products
Reid Supply is a Full Line Distributor for Destaco Clamps

Easy-to-use options for fixture building/testing, welding and assembly operations in medical manufacturing markets. They provide quick swing-and-clamp movement for increased productivity when working on medical equipment. New models that feature enclosed cam track that can clamp and toggle-lock in the pull-down closed position.

Stainless Steel Models
DESTACO’s stainless steel product offering includes 60 models of vertical, horizontal,  pull-action latch and straight line-action toggle clamps. They are fabricated with  corrosion, chemical and heat resistant stainless steel.  
These stainless steel clamps are suitable for many applications that demand a clamp that is more robust than traditional steel models and are well-suited pharmaceutical manufacturing and other hightemperature or harsh environments. They offer greater capabilities in a cost-effective package.

Destaco offers toggle clamp models fabricated with corrosion,
chemical and heat resistant stainless steel. These clamp models
are used in many applications where corrosion is a problem

  • Full stainless steel construction 
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Smooth surfaces without burrs
  • Rivets made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel, spindles, hooks and latch plates
  • 60 models

Preferred Supplier for Vlier Plungers

We stock a comprehensive inventory of Vlier spring plungers featuring both front- or back-end installation. The consistent quality, easy installation and wide selection of Vlier's plungers make Vlier the source for design engineers in medical equipment and systems.

Posi Hex, one of Vlier's standard plungers, is easily installed and removed from the back by simply using a hex wrench. Posi Hex is available in stainless steel alloy and has an integral hex socket, making it ideal for demanding applications while also providing maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

In addition to Posi Hex, our Vlier product offering includes a wide range of other standard plungers, all manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel, nylon, Delrin® or Phenolic. Unlike other product lines, the Vlier standard plunger series ensures accurate, repeatable end forces. The plungers are designed specifically to be used for positioning, ejecting and locking, etc.

An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Vlier leveling pads are ideal for designs that require positioning, indexing, detenting, holding, ejecting, leveling and support.

Knobs, Handles, Handwheels

You’ll find more 250 round, lobed, marked, bar, clamping knobs, handwheels and handle pulls made from impact and chemical resistant materials for a neat appearance for finished applications that require adjustment in medical equipment.


Latches, Catches, Hinges

A wide variety of hinges, latches and catches in acrylic and stainless steel to meet your medical equipment design requirements, including pressure release/explosion hinges to prevent loss of heat and/or escape of gasses under normal conditions.

Precision Instruments

Also known as test indicators, dial indicators are frequently used to measure machinery calibrations and equipment tolerances. Digital indicators measure small distances between two surfaces that a standard gauge cannot reach. These precision instruments, available in digital and analog display, translate the small linear distance into rotational movement and display the measurement on a continuous dial or LED readout.

Digital calipers are precision measuring devices used to measure linear dimensions, thickness, and diameter. These devices have upper and lower parallel jaws that perform measurement with extreme accuracy and the output appears on an electronic LCD display.

Material Handling

Wide range of hand carts and dollies for transporting steel, glass, rigid material, as well as smaller units for medical equipment hardware.


Medical equipment manufacturers take advantage of our index plungers with lift ring, supplied with a nickel-plated housing and stainless-steel pin, as well as spring plungers are used for accurate positioning of components and come in a variety of sizes. These components use spring-force to apply pressure so the ball or nose will remain positioned.




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