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Machining and Finishing

Industrial Machining and Finishing | Reid Supply
  • Reid Supply offers a comprehensive line of metalworking tools for machining and finishing applications. We have everything you need for threading, broaching, drilling, boring, milling, turning, and hole cutting. We carry an array of precision-made indexable cutting tools, and our selection of taps includes hand taps, pipe taps, spiral point taps, straight flute taps, and thread forming taps. We stock a broad range of end mills including ball end mills, square end mills, corner radius end mills, roughing end mills, and keyseat cutters. Our hole-making tools include drills, counterbores, countersinks, broaches, and reamers. We stock machine tool accessories such as drill bushings, collets, machine tool sleeves, as well as an assortment of coolant systems, adjustable hoses, and lubricating fluids. Reid also offers a wide-ranging selection of sanding and grinding tools for finishing, shaping, polishing, cleaning, cutting, and deburring. Our assortment includes abrasive belts, abrasive brushes, abrasive discs, and abrasive sheets and rolls. We carry a broad mix of grinding and cutting wheels, as well as lap sets, deburring tools, and rotary files.