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Cable Protection Systems

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  • Reid Supply carries a versatile line of cables, chains, and slings to handle your heavy lifting and moving operations. Our supply of coated and uncoated wire rope cable is available in a mix of materials, coatings, diameters, and strand styles. We also stock the related accessories you need such as clips, sleeves, thimbles, turnbuckles, cutters, and crimping tools. Our adjustable chain slings are ideal for the most rugged conditions and can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications. Offering vital safety features and OSHA certification, these chains are available in a range of sizes, lengths, and load capacities. We also carry an assortment of chain accessories that includes anchor shackles, couplings, links, and hooks. As a cost-effective alternative, we offer a series of synthetic web slings, round slings, and wire rope slings. Constructed of lightweight and flexible materials, these options are extremely durable and can manage heavy loads.