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Measuring and Inspecting

Industrial Measuring and Inspecting Tools | Reid Supply
  • Precision and accuracy are integral to any manufacturer no matter the industry. That is why Reid Supply offers a broad assortment of top-quality precision measuring and inspecting instruments. Our line includes digital and dial test indicators; digital and dial calipers; and digital and analog micrometers. We also carry a selection of height gauges, depth gauges, and thickness gauges, along with pressure gauges and thread gauges. In addition to these specialty tools, we stock a full line of common dimensional measuring tools. This range includes rules, tape measures, squares, protractors, angle indicators, feeler gauges, and level indicators. We even offer counters to assist with inventory, receiving, and production-related functions. Our complete line of precision measuring tools will ensure that your manufactured parts adhere to strict specifications and tight tolerances. If your business relies on precision, you can rely on Reid Supply for all your precision measuring and inspecting needs.