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Material Handling

Industrial Carts & Storage Systems
  • When you need heavy-duty material handling and industrial storage solutions, let Reid Supply be your one-stop source. Our entire line is manufactured in the USA and features all-welded heavy-gauge steel construction with a tough powder-coated finish. We offer a wide selection of industrial-strength carts and trucks to move parts and materials throughout your facility. Choices include shelf trucks and carts; platform trucks and wagons; and hand trucks and dollies. All manufacturing facilities require secure storage options. That is why we carry a broad assortment of heavy-duty storage cabinets and lockers; adjustable shelving and racks; and sheet and panel storage racks. We even provide a series of workbenches, tables, pegboards, and workstations that feature adjustability and mobility options. There is no need to look further than Reid for an extensive range of American-made products that deliver strength, durability, and longevity, even in the most demanding applications.

Gripping Systems
  • Reid Supply offers a series of cost-effective and low-maintenance pneumatic grippers for automated pick-and-place applications. Paired with precise jaws and fingers that can grasp an object, these parallel grippers run on compressed air and have the ability to pick up, place, hold, and release objects. An extended jaw option is available to make the gripper compatible with competing models for easier upgrades. Plus, the gripper fingers are interchangeable with competing units, which makes this an economical choice for cost-efficient manufacturers. This line of pneumatic parallel grippers is available in a wide variety of models with varying bore sizes and stroke options that are sized to match any application. Our entire product assortment consists of quick-start kits for easy installation, as well as accessories such as gripper fingers, finger mounting screws, jaw locating sleeves, valves, air fittings, and sensors.

Hoisting & Rigging Systems
  • If your operations require lifting and rigging devices to move parts, materials, and other heavy loads, you can rely on Reid Supply. We offer a line of powerful lift magnets and magnetic sheet handlers that can handle flat or round loads, even those with oily or hot surfaces. Plus, our lightweight hand-held magnetic part retrievers are designed to remove steel parts from bins, boxes, tables, and floors. For robotic applications, we carry an assortment of vacuum cups and generators to ensure your automation processes are safe and efficient. Our heavy-duty stationary and swivel hoist rings are suited for maximum load capacities and meet OSHA safety requirements. Additional options for hoisting and pulling functions include eye bolts, eye nuts, and eye pads. A variety of pulley blocks and wheels are available for operations that use wire cable or fibrous rope. We even offer a wide selection of winches and tie downs to help secure loads and protect against damage while in transit.

Roller Systems
  • Quality roller systems are critical to efficient material handling operations. These components help move parts, materials, and other loads smoothly and precisely through a conveyor system or assembly line with minimal effort. Reid Supply can help solve your material handling needs with our line of ball transfers and rollers. We offer a broad assortment of low-friction, multi-directional ball transfers that are designed to handle load capacities ranging from several pounds to two tons. These durable units are made of heavy-duty steel or stainless steel and are available in base-mount, stud-mount, and flange-mount configurations. We also stock an assortment of neoprene and urethane rollers that help control movement and absorb shock at the same time. Available in base-mount and stud-mount configurations, these rollers are ideal for applications that require a gentle, but firm touch. Browse our complete line of roller systems to find the right solution for your machinery and application.

Cable Protection Systems
  • Reid Supply carries a versatile line of cables, chains, and slings to handle your heavy lifting and moving operations. Our supply of coated and uncoated wire rope cable is available in a mix of materials, coatings, diameters, and strand styles. We also stock the related accessories you need such as clips, sleeves, thimbles, turnbuckles, cutters, and crimping tools. Our adjustable chain slings are ideal for the most rugged conditions and can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications. Offering vital safety features and OSHA certification, these chains are available in a range of sizes, lengths, and load capacities. We also carry an assortment of chain accessories that includes anchor shackles, couplings, links, and hooks. As a cost-effective alternative, we offer a series of synthetic web slings, round slings, and wire rope slings. Constructed of lightweight and flexible materials, these options are extremely durable and can manage heavy loads.