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Reid Supply is dedicated to supporting manufacturers by providing the knowledge and resources to develop the best possible solution for their industrial application needs and component selection. This page contains current product overviews, guides, and  measurement charts. New articles are posted weekly.

If you can't find the information you need, please reach out to our Sales or Customer Service with product questions or quoting help, we are here to help.  

Workholding and Automation | Clamps & Workholding

Workholding & Automation | Fasteners

Workholding & Automation | Power Transmission

Industrial Hardware | Knobs , Handles, Hand Wheels

Industrial Hardware | Feet Casters and Vibration Mounts

Industrial Hardware | Tooling & Positioning

Industrial Hardware | Latches, Catches, Hinges

Machining & Shop Supplies | Machining & Finishing

Machining & Shop Supplies | Measuring & Inspecting

Machining & Shop Supplies | Raw Materials

Material Handling | Hoisting & Rigging Systems