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When air pressure is released from pneumatic systems, it can be very loud. Not only does this add more noise to the work environment, it can pose a safety hazard when the noise level exceeds OSHA standards. Mufflers and silencers are designed to reduce noise caused by air pressure releasing from exhaust ports, while having minimal impact on air efficiency. Our line of mufflers and silencers are threaded to fit directly into the exhaust port of most commercial valves. O-ring seals are circular gaskets used to create a seal between static or moving parts. Made from rubber or other elastic material, O-rings are typically seated in a groove. We offer an assortment of Buna-N, Viton, and Quattro seals for a variety of applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic pistons, hose connections, pipe fittings, and pressure gauges.

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Conserve energy that is normally lost as noise and reduce noise pollution with these mufflers that come in a diverse array of body diameters, thread sizes and lengths to facilitate installation needs.

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O-Ring Seals

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A large range of O-Rings and O-Ring kits are available for use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications for sealing purposes including ranges of both imperial and metric sizes

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