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Tooling & Positioning

  • If you need help finding the right tooling and positioning devices for your product or application, you can rely on Reid Supply for a variety of solutions. For jobs that require precise alignment of the workpiece, just search our wide selection of locating and positioning components such as alignment pins, locating pins, locating screws, tooling balls, fixture blocks, and fixture keys. Used in machining processes such as welding, assembly, milling, and drilling, our line of workholding devices will help improve productivity and ensure uniform results. Our selection includes work supports, grippers, rest buttons, clamp rest pads, stop nuts, and quill stops. We also stock a full range of thread inserts that are suited for metal, wood, plastic, and particle board. Types include helical thread inserts, key-locking thread inserts, press-fit thread inserts, self-locking thread inserts, and self-tapping thread inserts. Browse our complete line of tooling and positioning components to find the right solution for your machinery or application.