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Hoisting & Rigging Systems

Industrial Hoisting & Rigging Systems | Reid Supply
  • If your operations require lifting and rigging devices to move parts, materials, and other heavy loads, you can rely on Reid Supply. We offer a line of powerful lift magnets and magnetic sheet handlers that can handle flat or round loads, even those with oily or hot surfaces. Plus, our lightweight hand-held magnetic part retrievers are designed to remove steel parts from bins, boxes, tables, and floors. For robotic applications, we carry an assortment of vacuum cups and generators to ensure your automation processes are safe and efficient. Our heavy-duty stationary and swivel hoist rings are suited for maximum load capacities and meet OSHA safety requirements. Additional options for hoisting and pulling functions include eye bolts, eye nuts, and eye pads. A variety of pulley blocks and wheels are available for operations that use wire cable or fibrous rope. We even offer a wide selection of winches and tie downs to help secure loads and protect against damage while in transit.