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Roller Systems

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  • Quality roller systems are critical to efficient material handling operations. These components help move parts, materials, and other loads smoothly and precisely through a conveyor system or assembly line with minimal effort. Reid Supply can help solve your material handling needs with our line of ball transfers and rollers. We offer a broad assortment of low-friction, multi-directional ball transfers that are designed to handle load capacities ranging from several pounds to two tons. These durable units are made of heavy-duty steel or stainless steel and are available in base-mount, stud-mount, and flange-mount configurations. We also stock an assortment of neoprene and urethane rollers that help control movement and absorb shock at the same time. Available in base-mount and stud-mount configurations, these rollers are ideal for applications that require a gentle, but firm touch. Browse our complete line of roller systems to find the right solution for your machinery and application.