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Parallel Gripper Quick Installation Kits | Reid Supply
  • Reid Supply offers a series of cost-effective and low-maintenance pneumatic grippers for automated pick-and-place applications. Paired with precise jaws and fingers that can grasp an object, these parallel grippers run on compressed air and have the ability to pick up, place, hold, and release objects. An extended jaw option is available to make the gripper compatible with competing models for easier upgrades. Plus, the gripper fingers are interchangeable with competing units, which makes this an economical choice for cost-efficient manufacturers. This line of pneumatic parallel grippers is available in a wide variety of models with varying bore sizes and stroke options that are sized to match any application. Our entire product assortment consists of quick-start kits for easy installation, as well as accessories such as gripper fingers, finger mounting screws, jaw locating sleeves, valves, air fittings, and sensors.