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Clamps and Workholding

Industrial Clamps and Workholding | Reid Supply
  • You can depend on Reid Supply for all your industrial clamps and workholding products. We offer an extensive line of manual toggle clamps that include hold-down clamps, push-pull clamps, plier clamps, and hook-and-latch clamps. If you want to make your process repeatable with no loss of quality, we carry a series of pneumatic power clamps and hydraulic power clamps that can perform a range of motions including hold-downs, swings, and linear strokes. Our adjustable stroke plunger clamps can be adjusted to hold and position various part sizes. We also stock C-clamps, bar clamps, and cantilever clamps to handle extra wide parts, along with a line of drill press vises and milling machine vises. For jig and fixture applications, we offer a complete series of cam edge clamps, toe clamps, wedge clamps, and a variety of set-up clamps. We even stock a broad range of magnets in an assortment of shapes, materials, and strengths. Styles include discs, blocks, cylinders, cups, hooks, buttons, and bridges.