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Industrial Hardware

Knobs, Handles and Hand Wheels
  • Reid Supply offers an extensive range of industrial manual controls that are used for end products, as well as machinery in the manufacturing process. We carry a wide array of ball knobs, lobed knobs, knurled knobs, tapered knobs, and wing knobs, plus an assortment of control knobs and levers. For applications that require quick positioning and fastening, we have the solution with our vast line of adjustable clamping handles and cam levers. In addition, our selection of heavy-duty hand wheels is designed for adjusting and clamping applications via rotating mechanisms. Style meets function in our diverse line of pull handles that are suited for a variety of uses. Our full selection of knobs, handles, and hand wheels contains a wide range of materials from high-density thermoplastic, phenolic, and polypropylene to durable stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Check out our complete line of industrial manual controls in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations to suit your product or application.

Latches, Catches and Hinges
  • Reid Supply carries a broad assortment of access hardware components that are suited for finished goods, as well as industrial equipment and machinery. Our line of NEMA-rated compression latches, quarter-turn latches, and shank latches will help secure your electrical enclosures, HVAC units, industrial cabinets, and other protected areas. We offer a variety of handle configurations with locking, non-locking, and padlockable options. Additional latch choices include draw latches, hasps, and catches. Finding the right hinge for any door or enclosure is easy with our selection of leaf and flag hinges, lift-off hinges, concealed hinges, side hinges, and piano hinges. More hardware solutions are available in a variety of door holders, lid stays, and drawer slides. We even offer sealing gaskets and weather stripping to ensure that your enclosure and its contents are protected from liquids, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Browse our complete line of industrial hardware to find the right solution for your product or application.

Feet Casters and Vibration Mounts
  • Choose Reid Supply as your one-stop source for load-bearing leveling feet, casters, and vibration mounts. Our line of adjustable socket-mount and stud-mount levelers feature rigid and swivel bases in a variety of metals, rubbers, and plastics. Load capacities span from a few hundred pounds to 15 tons, so you are sure to find options ranging from household furniture and appliances to industrial workbenches and machinery. We also carry anti-vibration machinery mounts that are designed to reduce shock and vibration. We offer other vibration solutions such as sandwich mounts, compression mounts, cup mounts, ring mounts, and wedge mounts. If you are looking for a wide selection of plate casters and stem casters, we offer a full series from light-duty general purpose to heavy-duty industrial. Our rigid and swivel casters are available in a variety of materials and finishes including a complete line of stainless steel high-temperature casters. Plus, we offer a broad mix of caster wheels in materials that are suited to specific environments, surfaces, and operations.

Tooling & Positioning
  • If you need help finding the right tooling and positioning devices for your product or application, you can rely on Reid Supply for a variety of solutions. For jobs that require precise alignment of the workpiece, just search our wide selection of locating and positioning components such as alignment pins, locating pins, locating screws, tooling balls, fixture blocks, and fixture keys. Used in machining processes such as welding, assembly, milling, and drilling, our line of workholding devices will help improve productivity and ensure uniform results. Our selection includes work supports, grippers, rest buttons, clamp rest pads, stop nuts, and quill stops. We also stock a full range of thread inserts that are suited for metal, wood, plastic, and particle board. Types include helical thread inserts, key-locking thread inserts, press-fit thread inserts, self-locking thread inserts, and self-tapping thread inserts. Browse our complete line of tooling and positioning components to find the right solution for your machinery or application.