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Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Industrial Pneumatics and Hydraulics | Reid Supply
  • With the rise of automation in manufacturing today, Reid Supply provides a line of pneumatic and hydraulic solutions to help meet the demand. Our fluid-powered actuators are available in a range of bores and strokes for single- and double-acting cylinders. We also carry pneumatic pumps, hydraulic pumps, and air-powered hydraulic boosters. Our stock of economical valves and manifolds can accommodate the flow of air, water, hydraulic oil, coolants, and lubricants. To help improve efficiency output and reduce noise, we offer mufflers in range of port sizes and lengths, along with a variety of O-ring seals. Due to their modular design, our preparation units can be purchased as a combined FRL unit, or the compressed air filters, regulators, and lubricators can be bought separately. We have oil dispensers and grease fittings for lubricating applications. In addition, we offer a broad selection of air hoses and hydraulic hoses, along with hose reels, hose clamps, fittings, and couplers.