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Workholding and Automation
  • Reid Supply is a known leader for workholding and automation solutions. No one can beat our extensive line of manual toggle clamps, pneumatic power clamps, and hydraulic power clamps. We offer a broad mix of jig-and-fixture clamps and machine set-up clamps, along with an assortment of magnetic workholding components. Our selection of fasteners includes spring plungers, fastening pins, and quarter-turn fasteners. Plus, we stock an assortment of industrial nuts, bolts, screws, and washers. Our manually and automatically driven sliding systems can support your power transmission operations. We sell fully assembled units, or you can choose from our large selection of carriages, rails, shafts, bushings, pillow blocks, and more. Other related products include mechanical springs, shock absorbers, rotary bearings, collars, couplings, rod ends, and V-belts. We offer fluid-powered actuators, pneumatic pumps, hydraulic pumps, and air-powered hydraulic boosters, along with an economical line of valves and manifolds. We also carry compressed air filters, regulators, and lubricators. Count on our expertise to help find the right workholding and automation solutions for your application.

Industrial Hardware
  • Look no further than Reid Supply for all your industrial hardware needs. We offer a broad assortment of knobs, handles, hand wheels, and levers in variety of sizes, materials, and configurations. Whether you need thermoplastic lobed knobs, steel clamping handles, cast iron hand wheels, or stainless steel cam levers, we have the right manual controls for your product or application. We also carry a large selection of access hardware that includes industrial locks, latches, catches, drawer slides, and hinges. If you need load-bearing feet for your machinery, we can supply those components as well. We offer a complete line of casters, adjustable levelers, and anti-vibration mounts. For applications that require precise alignment, you can rely on our range of tooling and positioning devices. We stock an assortment of alignment pins, locating pins, tooling balls, fixture blocks, work supports, grippers, clamp rest pads, thread inserts, and much more. When it comes to industrial hardware, choose Reid Supply as your one-stop source.

Material Handling
  • At Reid Supply, you can trust our material handling solutions for the movement, protection, and storage of materials and products throughout your facility. Built for heavy lifting and moving operations, our line of cables, chains, and slings offer vital safety features and OSHA certification. We also provide lifting and rigging devices such as lift magnets, magnetic sheet handlers, vacuum cups, hoist rings, and pulley blocks. Our series of pneumatic parallel grippers are designed for automated pick-and-place applications and are available with a full assortment of jaws, fingers, and accessories. We offer a broad mix of high-strength plastic cable carriers that are simple to install and will protect moving cables and hoses on machinery. Designed for conveyor systems and assembly lines, we stock a variety of ball transfers and rollers to help move parts, materials, and other loads smoothly and with minimal effort. We also feature a full line of American-made industrial-strength carts, trucks, storage cabinets, shelving units, and workbenches. At Reid, we can handle everything.

Machining and Shop Supplies
  • When it comes to machining and shop supplies, Reid Supply stocks all the products your facility needs. Our complete line of metalworking tools includes end mills, taps, drills, counterbores, and indexable cutting tools, as well as coolant systems, adjustable hoses, and lubricating fluids. We also carry a broad assortment of sanding and grinding tools from abrasive belts, brushes, and discs to grinding wheels, lap sets, and rotary files. If you need top-quality precision measuring and inspecting instruments, we can provide test indicators, calipers, and micrometers, as well as height, depth, and thickness gauges. We even stock everyday measurement tools like rules, tape measures, squares, protractors, and angle indicators. At times you may need raw materials and we can supply you with an array of flat stock, bar stock, and drill rods in aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, and urethane. You can count on Reid to ensure that your facility is stocked with all the essential shop supplies you use every day.