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Shop Quarter Turn Fasteners & Accessories | Reid Supply
  • When it comes to fasteners, Reid Supply has the selection you need. We offer a full range of spring plungers for use as alignment pins or positioners in fixtures, jigs, detents, dies, and other tooling applications. Types include hand-retractable spring plungers, index plungers, push-fit spring plungers, and threaded spring plungers. We carry a broad assortment of fastening pins such as quick-release pins, clevis pins, dowel pins, and spring pins. Our line of industrial nuts includes tooling nuts, allen nuts, jam nuts, and thumb nuts. We stock a variety of T-bolts, set-up studs, rod ends, and yolk ends, along with cap screws, jack screws, set screws, and shoulder screws. We offer a selection of washers, spacers, and bushing for use with threaded fasteners, as well as retaining rings for aligning components. Our quarter turn fasteners can be used to attach access panels on electrical enclosures, computers, automobiles, medical equipment, and many other industrial enclosures where quick or frequent access is required.