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Workholding and Automation

Automation Supplies
  • Our automation supplies offer full turnkey design and assembly of world class. You can now build a system tailored to each unique application.

Clamps and Workholding
  • You can depend on Reid Supply for all your industrial clamps and workholding products. We offer an extensive line of manual toggle clamps that include hold-down clamps, push-pull clamps, plier clamps, and hook-and-latch clamps. If you want to make your process repeatable with no loss of quality, we carry a series of pneumatic power clamps and hydraulic power clamps that can perform a range of motions including hold-downs, swings, and linear strokes. Our adjustable stroke plunger clamps can be adjusted to hold and position various part sizes. We also stock C-clamps, bar clamps, and cantilever clamps to handle extra wide parts, along with a line of drill press vises and milling machine vises. For jig and fixture applications, we offer a complete series of cam edge clamps, toe clamps, wedge clamps, and a variety of set-up clamps. We even stock a broad range of magnets in an assortment of shapes, materials, and strengths. Styles include discs, blocks, cylinders, cups, hooks, buttons, and bridges.

  • When it comes to fasteners, Reid Supply has the selection you need. We offer a full range of spring plungers for use as alignment pins or positioners in fixtures, jigs, detents, dies, and other tooling applications. Types include hand-retractable spring plungers, index plungers, push-fit spring plungers, and threaded spring plungers. We carry a broad assortment of fastening pins such as quick-release pins, clevis pins, dowel pins, and spring pins. Our line of industrial nuts includes tooling nuts, allen nuts, jam nuts, and thumb nuts. We stock a variety of T-bolts, set-up studs, rod ends, and yolk ends, along with cap screws, jack screws, set screws, and shoulder screws. We offer a selection of washers, spacers, and bushing for use with threaded fasteners, as well as retaining rings for aligning components. Our quarter turn fasteners can be used to attach access panels on electrical enclosures, computers, automobiles, medical equipment, and many other industrial enclosures where quick or frequent access is required.

Power Transmission
  • Reid Supply has everything you need to transmit, control, and convert motion in your industrial systems. Choose from our wide selection of power transmission components that operate both linear and rotary motion. We offer a variety of manually and automatically driven sliding systems that include crossed roller, track roller, ball bearing, sleeve bearing, ball/ACME screws, and pneumatic. Our sliding systems are sold as assembled units, as well as separate components that you can purchase from our complete lines of carriages, rails, shafts, bushings, pillow blocks, and more. We also stock an assortment of damping solutions such as mechanical springs, gas springs, shock absorbers, and dampers. Our full range of rotary bearings includes ball, roller, cam-follower, sealed, shielded, open, and mounted. We supply an array of collars, couplings, joints, and rod ends to inhibit misalignment in shafting components. Our choices of V-belts include standard and clogged with multiple cross-section options. Pulleys, tensioners, and idler shafts are also available to meet application needs.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • With the rise of automation in manufacturing today, Reid Supply provides a line of pneumatic and hydraulic solutions to help meet the demand. Our fluid-powered actuators are available in a range of bores and strokes for single- and double-acting cylinders. We also carry pneumatic pumps, hydraulic pumps, and air-powered hydraulic boosters. Our stock of economical valves and manifolds can accommodate the flow of air, water, hydraulic oil, coolants, and lubricants. To help improve efficiency output and reduce noise, we offer mufflers in range of port sizes and lengths, along with a variety of O-ring seals. Due to their modular design, our preparation units can be purchased as a combined FRL unit, or the compressed air filters, regulators, and lubricators can be bought separately. We have oil dispensers and grease fittings for lubricating applications. In addition, we offer a broad selection of air hoses and hydraulic hoses, along with hose reels, hose clamps, fittings, and couplers.