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Why DimcoGray?

Founded in 1924, DimcoGray is a globally recognized manufacturer of commercial, medical, and industrial knobs and handles. Their broad range of high-quality plastic knobs and handles are RoHS and REACH compliant to meet the specific needs of leading manufacturers around the world. DimcoGray’s products can be found in a variety of applications such as medical equipment, food processing equipment, farm and construction machinery, lawn and outdoor power equipment, mechanical controls, and industrial equipment. 

Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of DimcoGray Products

As a preferred distributor of DimcoGray products, Reid Supply carries a wide selection of ball knobs, knurled knobs, lobed knobs, tapered knobs, and wing knobs. And if you can't find what you need from our selection, we can source other options from the entire DimcoGray catalog.

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You can browse our selection of DimcoGray products here.

Learn more about DimcoGray products we carry below:

DimcoGray Knobs

DimcoGray is widely known as a manufacturer of quality knobs. With its attention to detail and emphasis on quality control, the company has turned these simple tools into integral components in a wide variety of settings. It is no wonder that customers look towards DimcoGray for products that provide ease of operation and high levels of reliability. Reid Supply has an extensive collection of DimcoGray knobs for different applications.


Ball knobs are common in levers that shift from left to right or up to down. DimcoGray’s selection of ball knobs features a simple yet comfortable design. Made from either thermoset or phenolic, these products come in different sizes, from the smaller 1/2-13" to the larger 5/16-24". Customers can also choose from among different knob designs: spherical, oval, or recessed-top.


Lobed knobs are distinguished by their scalloped edges. These allow for optimal grip and comfort when tightening, loosening, or adjusting certain equipment. Dimco Gray offers lobed knobs made from brass, steel, or stainless steel that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Reid Supply also carries DimcoGray’s line of push/pull knobs with selections for round and recessed-top designs. These products come in either phenolic or ABS plastic variations. Either way, Dimco Gray supplies push/pull knobs that are known for their ergonomic design and durability.


For tapered knobs, DimcoGray offers thermoset female handles for operating heavy-duty equipment and other applications where a firm yet relaxed grip is required. Oval tapered handles are also available in our catalog of DimcoGray products. They also come with a threaded brass insert and a glossy finish that allows for a comfortable grip.


We also carry a wide selection of wing knobs from DimcoGray. These products provide optimal comfort when making adjustments to a piece of equipment by hand. Available wing knob shapes include flared, wedge, and thumb. They are made from polypropylene with a brass insert. Apart from threaded variations, we also supply threaded stud and threaded insert types. Most of the wing knobs we carry come in black, but we have flared threaded insert knobs that come in red.


Do you have specific requirements for knobs and handles from DimcoGray? If you can’t find what you are looking for, reach out to us so we can help you source the right components. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to