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Why E-Z LOK?

E-Z LOK is a leading manufacturer of American-made thread locking inserts. The E-Z LOK design allows users to repair damaged or worn out threads without the need for special taps or installation tools. Their products are designed for use in soft metals such as aluminum, magnesium, cast iron and specialized products suited for plastic and wood. Founded in 1956, E-Z LOK is a family owned and operated business serving manufacturers throughout the United States.

Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of E-Z LOK Products

As a preferred distributor of E-Z LOK products, Reid Supply offers a wide assortment of thread locking inserts, repair kits and installation tools. If you can't find what you need from our selection, we can source other options from the entire E-Z LOK catalog.

Let us help find the right E-Z LOK products for your needs. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to