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Why JW Winco?

Established in 1978, JW Winco is one of the United States' major providers of standard parts and components that have revolutionized machine and equipment design and building.

With its partnership with the A Ganter Company in 2009, JW Winco has expanded its reach to become a global supplier of manufacturing and engineering solutions to the food, medical, and defense industries. 

Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of JW Winco

As a full-line distributor of JW Winco products, Reid Supply offers an extensive line of knobs, drill bushings, crank handles, and other parts.

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If you want to know more about what JW Winco has to offer, learn more about the JW Winco products we carry below.

JW Winco | Standard Machine and Equipment Components

JW Winco provides a wide selection of operating parts, including handles and knobs. Round ball knobs are great for levers that can be moved in all directions. Whether made from brass or plastic, JW Winco’s ball knobs provide comfort and longevity. 

For applications that require high amounts of torque, clamping levers are usually sought. Unlike standard levers, clamping levers work well in tightening or loosening screws. Our catalog of JW Winco clamping levers includes threaded studs or threaded hole mounts. The products are made from heavy-duty steel and have an angled arm with a phenolic ball knob as the handle.

We also carry JW Winco crank handles and handwheels that are durable and provide added support during adjustments. Customers can pick among revolving, fixed, or folding crank handles and from a wide variety of mount types, including round and threaded studs. Our handwheels are made from aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic.

JW Winco Products

Apart from knobs and handles, JW Winco also produces other components for a wide variety of applications. In fact, the company is known for manufacturing high-quality drill bushings and swivel clamps.

For hoist and heavy lifting components, we carry JW Winco’s line of eye bolts and eye nuts. Made from either carbon steel or stainless steel, our eye bolts can be fastened to any mating surface or structure to support vertical lifting applications. We provide eye bolts that can support up to 11,464 lbs. In loading capacity and with a maximum eye diameter of 70 mm.

JW Winco eye nuts are also available for various vertical lifting applications. Much like eye bolts, these products are also made from carbon steel or stainless steel. They can be fastened firmly to a stud or bolt for heavy-duty lifting and moving.

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