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Why Northwestern Tool?

Since 1942, Northwestern Tools has been an active provider of high-quality machine components. Starting from four products, the company has expanded its catalog to 2,000.Serving aerospace, medical services, and other key industries, Northwestern Tools has become one of America's top distributors of equipment supply.

Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of Northwestern Tools

As a full-line distributor of Northwestern Tools products, Reid Supply offers an extensive catalog of machining and tooling components that fit the needs of customers. If you are looking for quality bolts, edge and toe clamps, and spring plungers for specific applications, we can help you source these from our collection of products from Northwestern Tools.

Let us help find the right Northwestern Tool products for your needs. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to

You can browse our selection of Northwestern Tool products here.

If you want to know more about what Northwestern Tool has to offer, learn more about the Northwestern Tool products we carry below.

Northwestern Tools

Northwestern Tools specializes in the production of high-quality knobs and handles, many of which we offer in our catalog.

We supply lobed knobs manufactured by Northwestern Tools. They provide an ergonomic grip and are suitable for adjusting heavy machinery. These come in the form of durable plastic and stainless steel versions with cast iron inserts that are resistant to chemicals. The four-lobed design allows for easy installation by hand.

Apart from knobs and handles, Northwestern Tools also manufacture other components such as toe clamps. These tools are essential in machining as they keep a piece of material or fixture stable on a flat surface such as a worktable. Northwestern Tools’ edge and toe clamps are made with a black oxide finish and a protective wash to prevent wear.

A variety of bolts are also available. We carry latch, milled, drilled, and threaded bolts that are corrosion resistant as well as durable enough to withstand high-pressure applications.

Northwestern Tools also provide steel spring plungers that feature nickel-plated housing. These tools are used mostly for locating, positioning, and indexing. For easier retraction by hand, we recommend hand-retractable spring plungers with lift rings.

Threaded spring plungers are also popular across different industries. These are suitable for platforms, fixtures, and other applications requiring quick adjustments. Northwestern Tools’ threaded spring plungers come with either a thread or no-thread locking element.

Push-fit spring plungers are available for customers who require easier positioning on wood or other applications where a threaded plunger is impractical. Rivet, mount, snap-in, and clap-on spring plungers are available.

Are you looking for a specific component? If you can’t find the parts that you require, let us know by calling us at  1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to We will help you source products from Northwestern Tools that match your specifications.