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Handwheel Guide

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In This Guide

The Handwheel Guide helps you choose the correct handwheel for your application based on:

Direction of Applied Forces, Handwheel Styles & Pros and Cons,

Handwheel Attributes & Pros and Cons, Material, Size, Color, Cost, AND MORE

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What's Inside?
Full Table of Contents

                                       > Applied Forces
                                        Table 1: Applied Forces
                                        Table 6: Handwheel Styles
                                        Position Indicating Handwheel, Solid Handwheel,
                                        Spoked Handwheel, etc.
                                        > Handwheel Attributes
                                        Table 7: Handwheel Attributes

     Other Important Considerations
     > Material
     > Plastic vs Metal

     Table 1: Thermal Properites of Plastics
     Table 2: Deflection Tempuratures for Polymers
     Table 3: Chemical Properties of Plastics

     > Size
     > Color
     > Cost


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