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What is Automation?

At its most basic level, automation consists of three elements: measurement, control and actuators.

  1. Measurement – instruments known as sensors take the measurements, then send the readings to the control.
  2. Control – this acts as the brain of the process, deciding which actions to take and then sending those instructions to the actuators. For industrial or process automation, you need a complex device like a programmable logic controller (PLC).
  3. Actuators. There are lots of different types such as – pumps, heaters, flow valves, pistons, rotors, robotic arms and so on – and each performs a different action. Attached to actuators are end effectors which include grippers, magnets, vacuum cups, cutting tools and so on.

Measurement (for example, a thermometer measures the temperature in a liquid) sends a reading to the controlControl (decides the temperature is too high or low) and tells the actuators (heater) to change their actions (heat the liquid). Then the sensor measures the new values and sends them back to the PLC, and the PLC decides what to do and sends commands to the actuators to stop or continue. The whole process repeats in a closed loop.

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We provide engineering solution services to help our customers build solutions tailored to their needs.

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Linear Motion Systems

We offer a wide range of linear motion components used to transmit, convert, and control motion in your industrial systems. Our linear sliding systems are available in a variety of manually and automatically driven types. Choose from crossed roller, ball bearing, track roller, sleeve bearing, dovetail, and ball/ACME screws. Our products are at pace with latest technologies such as self-lubricated and anti-creep carriages and guides.

These sliding systems are sold as assembled units, as well as separate components that include carriages, rails, shafts, bushings, bearings, and pillow blocks. We also provide damping solutions to aid smooth deceleration and shock absorption. Suitable for constant-force and variable-force applications, options include shock absorbers, gas springs, and mechanical springs for compression, extension, and torsion motions.


Grippers are used as end effectors which are useful for picking up items. There are many variations available for grippers including; force or grip, operating pressure, number of fingers, finger movement, finger speed , etc. We carry cost effective OEM machine builder solutions, with pneumatic and electrical variations. Suitable for various demanding environments – cleanroom, harsh, precision, fast-paced gantry.

Energy Supply Systems

Industry leading delivery, modular design with the ability to add or remove links to
the existing supply systems. Cable carriers are essential to protect vital cables and hoses on automated machinery. They not only guide the cables and hoses while the machine is in operation, but they also shield them from harmful elements such as dirt, dust, chemicals, and flying debris. We offer a complete line of high-strength plastic cable carriers with many different movement and mounting options.

Pneumatic Components

Partnerships with leading brands enables us to carry an intensive breadth of valves, hoses, FRLs, actuators, tube fittings, etc. We also carry pneumatic pumps, hydraulic pumps, and air-powered hydraulic boosters. To help improve efficiency output and reduce noise, we offer mufflers in range of port sizes and lengths, along with a variety of O-ring seals. 


Offering of bearing types to suit various miniature and large applications that include: mounted, non-mounted, open, shielded, needle roller, ball, tapered roller and slide bearings.


Collars and Couplings

One and two-piece styles for convenience of choice. Available materials: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Suction Cups

Suction cups are also used as effectors which are useful for picking up certain items. We carry a dynamic assortment of sizes, shapes, durometers, mounting options and related accessories. Suitable for a wide range of temperatures, contours and surface conditions.


Automatic Tool Changers

Lightweight to heavy payload solutions. Multiple styles of tool changers to choose
from. Variety of electric and vacuum utilities supported. Advanced locking mechanism to minimize deflection after coupling.


Extruded Bars

Highly modifiable profiles offered in various lengths and styles. Customization includes
ability to alter profile lengths, shapes andfinishes. Supplemental components like
fasteners, end supports, panels, access hardware, and add on also available.

Power Clamps

Pneumatically powered clamps with sensing capabilities to automate processes, with different mounting and clamping styles. These clamps make your process repeatable with no loss of quality. We carry a series of power clamps that can perform a range of motions including hold-downs, swings, and linear strokes.

Cutting & Machining

Offering a vast range of products that provide solutions for various automation processes including, but not limited to: tapping, threading, drilling, milling, deburring, sanding, etc.