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Innovative Access Hardware Hinges

Door hinges have a wide variety of types ranging from simple leaf hinges and industrial lift off hinges, to more sophisticated access hardware hinges, like corner and soft close hinges that keep shop cabinet doors and storage doors functioning quietly. Some consumers may not always be aware of the types of industrial hinges that are used nowadays, but they do notice a difference when hinges close doors smoothly and softly without making noises. When in doubt over which hinge will best suit your needs, discussing application options with an expert from Reid Supply, will quickly help you determine the best choices.

Different Hinges are Designed for Different Applications

Panel and lid hinges are long, 2 to 3-peice metal hinges commonly used to softly close a lid or panel door from the top down. They are also usually designed to allow openings of no more than a 90° angle. Their design is completely different from hinges typically used for commercial doors and shop cabinets.

Door hinges require a sturdier design and heavy duty operation to properly support the weight of large doors to the wall and door frame. While cabinet hinges, for the most part, require lighter duty operation; yet, they too must have a sturdy design produced from quality materials, as they are utilized more frequently in any given day.

Quality hinges of all types, however, share some common traits. Today’s innovative access hardware hinges will have quiet operation; no one wants to be subjected to squeaks and creaks when doors are opened or closed. Soft-close hinges are also great for preventing damage to doors and panels that contain glass material designs. In addition, smooth swing and pivot hinges have become more commonplace today than in past decades. And lastly, consumers can also expect some modern hinges to be self-closing, eliminating the need to stand by and ensure that a door is closed.

Styles Are Changing

Designs are constantly evolving; and as styles for industrial-sized doors, cabinets, and panels change, hinges generally do too. Which means that the hinges that were once very popular, especially with commercial buildings and public spaces, must change with the style and the times to accommodate the material and required function.

Today’s industrial-style hinges are also available in finishes that were not available in the past, they are even more durable for heavy duty use, and typically operate without noise. However, it should be noted that even older hinges can be updated to operate quietly with proper soft-close add-on accessories.

Get Advice from the Experts

While it can be tempting to simply select a bargain hinge, most consumers are not satisfied with the results. High quality access hardware hinges come from the most trusted and leading brands; and will be a wise investment, as they tend to last longer and function better than their bargain basement alternatives.

Discussing your needs with a customer service expert from Reid Supply, will certainly help you make quality decisions that are far more likely to lead to long-term satisfaction and loyalty. Feel free to give us a call today at 800-253-0421, or shop access hardware now.