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Selecting the Right Knobs & Handles

While industrial cabinets command attention with their large surfaces, it is often their smaller parts, like knobs & handles, that have the most impact on everyday life. An otherwise-attractive cabinet door that swings on a sticky hinge, for example, can quickly turn into a nuisance. Likewise, the kinds of knobs and handles that a cabinet or drawer has, can greatly influence the experience of utilizing it each day. 

For a particular style of room with hundreds of options of knobs and handles to choose from, it can seem like making the right choice could become overwhelming. However, getting help from a knowledgeable customer service expert, and gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of application for handles and knobs, often go a long way toward success.

Dozens of Different Styles but Two Basic Kinds

Broadly speaking, the entire field of contenders can be broken down into knob-style parts that are meant to be held by the fingers, and handle-style ones that encourage more robust engagement.

In general, knobs will be smaller and less visually outstanding than handles, while also requiring a little more attention to operate. A knob is often a better choice for a cabinet or drawer that will be used infrequently, and where visual focus is not meant to be drawn; typically, in a utility area, or back storage closet.

A larger, more substantial handle can make for a better fit for something like a built-in drawer or industrial cabinet, where there is frequent use and high visual focus. A handle will generally be more expensive than a knob of similar quality, due to its high function usage, durability, and complementary style and design.

Diving in Deeper to Find a Perfect Match

With this fundamental distinction out of the way, proceeding to a final choice will often require nothing more than selecting a knob or handle that fits the existing design of a cabinet or drawer, or choosing something that compliments that current style. This will typically mean narrowing the options down to those available in the same finish or from the same material- be it metals, durable industrial plastics, or rubber.

Speaking with the experts at Reid Industrial Supply makes it easy to narrow down your choice of practical and perfectly matched knobs and handles. Whether it’s for industrial furniture and equipment, or for drawers and cabinets in a commercial space, we offer only the best in leading name-brand products, from the most trusted manufacturers. Shopping Reid Supply, also makes it easy to find what you need fast.