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Soft Draw Latches - Product Guide

Whether you use HVAC systems, industrial machinery, boats, or general equipment in indoor or outdoor environments, you likely would have used a soft draw latch at least once. Soft draw latches are used to hold down containers, cabinets, coolers, doors, and more and feature a range of materials like black rubber, stainless steel, and soft thermoplastic elastomer.

These versatile, desirable fasteners are among some of the most popular latches to use. However, if you’re not yet convinced, you can learn more about them below.

In this article we will take a closer look at:

1. What is a Soft Draw Latch?
2. Soft Draw Latch Applications
3. Benefits of a Soft Draw Latch
4. Summary

What is a Soft Draw Latch?

Soft draw latches use a smooth low-profile design and tension to bring two items or materials together. Their main components are blades and concealed keepers, and they have soft body construction and mounting hardware to ensure they’re functional for various industries. Many also feature non-corrosive materials to make them suitable for outdoor use.

Depending on the brand, like a Southco soft draw latch, you may also find that soft materials like thermoplastic minimize vibrations and reduce the risk of malfunction from misalignment.

How they work is simple. All mounting hardware and mechanisms are hidden under the closed latch for a clean look, and an internally-mounted lever provides the closing mechanism, which protects against accidental opening. They also come in various sizes, styles, and types, such as a Southco C7 10 soft draw latch and a Southco soft draw latch for AB inflatables.

Soft Draw Latch Applications

If you have previously browsed the internet looking for a soft draw latch in black or a soft draw latch in white, you may have quickly realized that you need to be more specific when searching. This is because soft draw latches are useful across many industries and come from many manufacturers and suppliers.

They are helpful for industrial, commercial, and residential applications on land and in the water, such as soft draw boat latches. Consumers buy draw latches for signs, agricultural equipment, lawn and garden equipment, marine equipment, exhibits, industrial machines, trucks, and more.

Fortunately, purchasing a soft draw latch doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. You can browse through supplier catalogs and read latch specs and product information to find the one you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you know what you need, you can search for it on your preferred supplier’s website or in a search engine. For example, if you type in the UPC or part number you need, like ‘Southco C7 black soft draw latch black SKU 0643079 for Sea Ray 210 select,’ you would likely find the very C7 soft draw latches you need, along with related products, news, and maybe even customer reviews about them.

Benefits of a Soft Draw Latch

You might be wondering why you’d choose soft draw latches over other products like a standard door latch that could do the same thing. However, these latches provide many benefits you may not have considered.

Their thermoplastic construction reduces vibration, while the entire latch body conceals the mounting hardware and mechanisms for aesthetic purposes. The soft body also contributes to an overall satisfactory latch performance, even with misalignment.

Finally, the internally-mounted levers of soft draw latches offer over-center action, which allows for effortless mechanical closing while reducing the risk of accidental opening of your enclosures, hatches or doors.


If you’re in the market for Southco marine draw latches, or you have a Southco concealed soft draw latch keeper with white rubber on your wish list, there’s no better time than now to start shopping. Soft draw latches are beneficial in many applications and are cost-effective and convenient to buy online.

Find out our price, add one to your shopping cart, use the checkout function, and have it delivered to your home address in just a few business days. You can learn more about draw latches and other Reid Supply parts and accessories here.