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Types, Usage, and Applications for Swing Clamps

In this article we will take a closer look at:

1.  Types, Usage and Applications for Swing Clamps
2.  What is a Swing Clamp?
3.  Types of Swing Clamps
     > Compact Swing Clamps
     > 2 Series Swing Clamps
     > Air-Powered Swing Clamps
     > Standard Swing Clamps
     > Electric Swing Clamps
     > Robust Swing Clamps
     > Low-Pressure Swing Clamps
     > Automation Swing Clamps
     > Mini Swing Clamps
     > Clamping Arm Accessories

4. Swing Clamp Applications
5. Get Your Own Swing Clamp

Types, Usage, and Applications for Swing Clamps

Swing clamps are designed to swing 80° to 90° away from the workpiece, making it easy to insert or remove items. They can be used in any orientation, by adjusting one cap screw, the clamping arm may be set to swing to the left or right. The right-hand swing is the most common.

With so many various swing clamp types, sizes, and materials on the market, how do you know which one is ideal for you? This article will give more insight into what a swing clamp is, what they are used for, as well as the different types, usage and application of swing clamps. Let’s get started.

What Is a Swing Clamp?

Swing clamps are tools that employ a swinging clamp arm to accelerate clamping and unclamping. Swing clamps are available with either knob handles or ball handles in both post-mounted and flanged configurations. The post-mounted kind is attached to the wall with a single screw in a mounting hole.

The flange-mounted type is held in place by cap screws and is placed flat on the tool body. These clamps also include a swivel foot at the clamp screw's end. This foot decreases the impact of vibration and protects the workpiece.

The hook clamp is a smaller version of the swing-clamp concept. Hook clamps, like swing clamps, are available in a number of sizes, as well as standard-arm and long-arm versions. Long-arm hook clamps are available with either a plain or tapped hook. Hook clamps are either directly placed in the tool body or in a holder.

Types of Swing Clamps

There are numerous alternative clamp configurations available within each swing-clamp type listed below to fit your precise machining needs.

Compact Swing Clamps

Swing clamps employ a powerful helical-cam mechanism to swing the clamping arm free of the workpiece, allowing for unhindered loading. Compact swing clamps are incredibly small, low-cost clamps that are suited for a wide range of applications. There is just one clamp size available, as well as single and double-acting.

2 Series Swing Clamps

If the clamping arm comes into contact with an unanticipated object during its swing, the clutch disengages to protect the object and the clamp's helical-cam mechanism. The 2 Series clamping arm can be placed such that it can begin its 90° swing angle with clockwise or counterclockwise swing direction within 360°.

Air-Powered Swing Clamps

For situations needing low clamping power, air-powered swing clamps are a pneumatic variant of our famous hydraulic swing clamps. Using a robust helical-cam mechanism controlled by a double-acting air cylinder, the clamping arm swings clear for simple loading.

Standard Swing Clamps

The standard swing clamps illustrated here take a wide range of clamping arms, with the maximum permissible working pressure varying depending on the kind of arm chosen (3000 to 7250 psi max).

Electric Swing Clamp

These types of clamps are solely intended for clamping or holding workpieces in industrial settings. They can produce extremely high clamping forces and are utilized in situations where the clamping force must be maintained after the energy source is off, or where clamping parts must be regulated separately. They have a clamping force monitoring system and a swing angle of up to 180°.

Robust Swing Clamps

Robust swing clamps are small, low-cost heavy-duty clamps with a strengthened swing mechanism and a longer clamping arm that give great clamping power in comparison to clamp size – especially important at lower working pressures (450 to 5000 psi operating range). When employing longer, heavier bespoke arms, robust swing clamps are also appropriate when compared to toggle clamps.

Low-Pressure Swing Clamps

This one-of-a-kind swing clamp series delivers significant gripping power at low hydraulic pressures, allowing direct connection to a machine tool's low-pressure hydraulic system. These heavy-duty clamps are ultra-compact, with a strengthened swing mechanism and a better clamping arm that provides a lot of clamping power for the size of the clamp.

Automation Swing Clamps

This unique line of double-acting swing clamps is intended for high-volume automated manufacturing, with a strengthened swing mechanism to assure positive arm position and an expanded helix rod for built-in pneumatic or electrical position monitoring. Automation-type clamps are an extension of our well-proven swing clamp series, designed to increase safety in process-linked clamping systems.

They are particularly well suited for clamping fixtures with workpiece loading through handling transfer lines, systems, axle test systems and motor gear, as well as aerospace, automotive, and assembly lines.

Mini Swing Clamps

These clamps are inexpensive and incredibly small clamps with a low clamping force, making them excellent for thin-walled workpieces and limited spaces. Since they take up less space than air-powered clamps, these swing clamps are a good option. Threaded cartridge clamps are specially intended for installing a manifold in a threaded hole to save space. An optional top flange enables cartridge mounting through a drilled hole, and an optional mounting block enables installation using conventional fittings.

Clamping Arm Accessories

Standard clamping arms, pivoting clamping arms, gooseneck clamping arms, short clamping arms, double clamping arms, and lock rings are all available for all types and sizes of power swing clamps.

Swing Clamp Applications

Swing clamps are commonly used in automated, repetitive work holding applications like assembling and manufacturing components, especially in work locations with limited space, where their tiny footprint makes them perfect.

For instance, Destaco pneumatic swing clamps allow for fast swing-and-clamp movement, increasing production. These double-acting pneumatic swing clamps have a unique set of characteristics that allow them to be used in applications like welding and assembling.

Get Your Own Swing Clamp

Reid Supply offers a wide selection of swing clamps that have been carefully engineered and built for durability and extended service in tough industrial settings.

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