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Using Ball & Adjustable Feet Casters

When industrial carts are equipped with ball feet casters and adjustable casters, different configurations can be used to provide certain handling or steering characteristics. Learn about some of the most common ways these industrial components are used, as well as their benefits, applications, and unique properties that help make your work easy and safe.

Non-Tilt, Four-Wheel

This cart setup consists of four swivel or ball feet casters at the cart's corner feet. The biggest advantage is that the cart may be moved anywhere with no need for a turnaround. However, carts may be hard to control when pushed along a straight path. Fortunately, swivel locks can be used to lock the rear adjustable feet casters, making it easier to move a cart in a straight line.

Four-Wheel Caster Steer

This type of feet caster is the most common setup in any industrial setting. Rigid casters are used on the cart's back, and swivel casters are fitted to the front. This allows for easy turning and tracking, but carts cannot move in any direction without being pivoted on their rigid casters. This is especially important for moving heavy objects, or objects that are stacked high.

Diamond, Four-Wheel Pattern

This setup uses rigid casters in a diamond configuration, and it's most commonly used on tilting carts. This low-cost setup allows carts to pivot on their center wheels or to do a complete rotation. Such a cart cannot carry a heavy load because only three of its casters are touching the floor at any time and cannot be maneuverered sideways.

Wagon Type

This configuration utilizes rigid casters on the back of a cart, with axle-mounted wheels on the front. These casters are ideal for very heavy loads, and are typically powered by an external source. However, the carts cannot be easily moved by hand.

Non-Tilt or Six-Wheel Tilt

Though like the diamond pattern, these casters are designed much sturdier to carry heavier loads, and are better for use on longer industrial carts. This configuration allows carts to turn in their own length; and the style can be utilized on tilt or non-tilt carts for higher load capacity.

Casters have many uses in an industrial and warehouse setting. By learning more about the various feet caster types, users will find it easier to make the right selection for the setting. Shop ball casters and adjustable feet casters online. If you’re looking for something specific, contact our customer service team at; we’re happy to help.