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Workholding Components & How They Protect a Company's Bottom Line

Any device utilized to hold or secure a workpiece to keep it in one location during a machining process is referred to as a workholding tool. Simple clamps fall under this category, even when they do nothing more than screw to a table, as do extremely complex fixtures which have been custom-designed to accommodate certain parts. Chucks, rotary tables, and indexers are also considered workholding tools, even those units manufactured to move the position of a part during the machining process.

Workholding components may also be used to locate a part or keep it in a specific spot to ensure the accuracy of the item being created, and this includes tools such as workstops and locating pins. Businesses must ensure they choose a reputable provider of components of this type, and Reid Industrial Supply remains a leading distributor and trusted name that many companies count on when obtaining high quality name brand tools.

Hydraulic Power and Pneumatic Clamps

When a heavy job is to be completed, companies frequently opt to make use of pneumatic or hydraulic power clamps, as they provide the required amount of clamping force, even for those parts which are large and bulky.

Hold-down, push-pull and swing form clamps are available and are ideal for jobs which involve repetitive clamping. Both types allow for rapid setup and removal, enhancing overall productivity, thus this is one solution for businesses to consider.

Magnetic Workholding Tools and Magnets

Companies often find they need a tool that is capable of providing a precisely calibrated pull force when welding or performing other duties. The same is true when they are attempting to secure equipment or lights or to supply fastening of either the temporary or long-term variety.

With the aid of switchable tools, businesses find they can quickly setup or remove the tool, and the magnetic squares are of great assistance when it is time to position tubing or sheet steel to carry out work on these items. Electromagnets and individual permanent magnets are also offered and benefit numerous organizations.

Manual Clamps and Accessories

When simple, reliable clamping is needed to carry out a job, companies often find manual clamps and accessories are the preferred options. They offer the holding power companies are looking for with regards to a range of applications.

Tube-shaped materials benefit from the use of pipe clamps, while C-clamps hold anything from a small part to a large sheet of metal to ensure the item doesn't shift during the work process. Other options include strap and toggle clamps; thus, consumers need to ensure they browse the entire lineup of workholding clamps and accessories before making a purchase.

Vises and Corresponding Accessories

In the event a piece requires accurate and steady holding pressure, companies turn to a vise. The bench-mounted versions tend to be very functional in a wide variety of locations, and drill press vices are great for precise work.

Milling equipment often calls for a vise that is capable of fine positioning, yet the vise can't be difficult to use. When the right product is selected, companies find that their output quality and production increase.

Reid Supply has always distributed a vast array of clamps and workholding components. We carry thousands of trusted brands of workholding equipment, including magnetic workholding tools and vises. Our customers learn quickly that through the proper investment purchases of leading brand tools and equipment, they ultimately save and protect their company bottom line.

Our professional team of experts is always here to help provide customers with personable and knowledgeable service, and shipping is always fast and secured. So, if you’re looking for bulk order coordination, or something specifically tailored to your business, let’s talk. Contact Reid Supply today.