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Building on a 100-year legacy, DESTACO reigns as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automation, workholding, and material handling solutions. Their innovative, high-performance products drive productivity and uptime for manufacturers around the globe in a variety of industries, including automotive, life sciences, consumer goods, packaging, aerospace, and nuclear sectors.

Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of DESTACO Products

At Reid Supply, we are a full-line distributor of DESTACO products across North America. As a preferred distributor, we proudly stock a broad range of their most famous products that our customers need. As a preferred distributor of DESTACO products, we carry a broad range of manual clamps, power clamps, and material handling components. If you can't find what you need from our selection, we can source other options from the entire DESTACO catalog.

Let us help find the right DESTACO products for your needs. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to

You can browse our selection of DESTACO products here.

If you want to know more about what DESTACO has to offer, learn more about the most requested DESTACO products we carry below.

DESTACO Toggle Clamps

DESTACO’s clamps are the most in-demand of their products among our customers, and for good reason. Their toggle and pneumatic clamps in particular are almost peerless for their quality and durability. However, we can also source DESTACO’s power clamping systems from their catalog on behalf of our customers.

They use high grade steel, brilliant design and precision engineering to combine superb performance and easy functionality. Their toggle clamps are perfect for industrial applications, such as welding and assembly applications. They use a simple mechanism that makes it smooth and easy to press down on the levers in order to instantly and securely clamp on what you need it to. The pneumatic clamps take it a step further with double-acting air cylinders instead of manual ones.

DESTACO’s manual clamps make up our most popular products that we carry. They are simple, and suit a wide variety of industries from woodworking, to welding and assembly. They are heavy-duty and durable, and we carry several varieties: vertical and horizontal handles, latch clamps, straight-action, and more.

DESTACO Clamping Accessories

In addition to DESTACO’s clamps, we also carry a wide selection of their clamping accessories to accommodate your specific needs. These accessories can help either replace parts of your clamp, or enhance their functionality in specific ways. Accessories include the following:

> Power Switches and Sensors
> Spindle Assemblies (Flat Head, Swivel Foot, Plunger & Hex Head)
> Power Boosters
> Cylinders and Cylinder Accessories
> Replacement Caps (Flat Head, Round Head & Cone Head)
> Latch Plates
> Mounting Blocks and Bases
> Plungers
> Extenders and Extender Blocks
Clamp Pads and Angle Adapters

If you have a special project that requires slightly unusual clamping capability, ask us about DESTACO’s clamp accessories.

Top DESTACO Products

Our top DESTACO products:

> DESTACO 202 series vertical, manual clamp with toggle locking
> DESTACO 205 series horizontal, manual hold-down clamp

      205-S, 205-SB, 205-SL, 205-SR, 205-SSS, 205-U, 205-UB, 205-UL, 205-UR, 205-USS
> DESTACO 207 series vertical hold-down clamp with toggle locking

    207-S, 207-SB, 207-L, 207-LB, 207-LR, 207-UL, 207-UR, 207-UB, 207-TU, 207-TUL
> DESTACO 225 series low-profile horizontal, manual hold-down clamp

    225-U, 225-UR, 225-UBSS, 225-USS
> DESTACO 235 series low-profile horizontal, manual hold-down clamp

    235-UB, 235-USS, 235-U, 235-UR
> DESTACO 606 series straight line action clamp

These represent DESTACO’s best and most durable clamps for use in a variety of industries, including woodworking, tensioning, fixture checking, welding, assembly, and more.

If you can't find what you need from our selection of DESTACO products mentioned here, we can source other options directly from their full catalog. Just call us at 1(800) 253-0421 or send an email to