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Reid Supply is a Full-Line Distributor of Jergens Tooling Products

Jergens, founded in 1942, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standardized tooling components, such as vises, handles, and other workholding equipment. Jergens is known for precision applications due to their consistent quality standards to help customers achieve more efficient manufacturing processes.

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As a preferred provider of Jergens products, Reid Supply is proud to carry an assortment of Jergens tooling, lifting, and fastener components. Our commitment to our customers includes sourcing and shipping products from the entire Jergens catalog if and when you need products outside our current catalog lineup.

Jergens Quick Release Pins

Jergens’ quick release pins feature ball lock mechanisms to securely fasten in place and a variety of handles for multiple manufacturing applications. These include push-button pins, detent pins, and ring handle pins. Types of Jergens quick release pins include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Push-Button Pins
  • Detent Pins
  • L-Handle
  • Threaded
  • Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for a Jergens quick release pin that we don’t carry, contact us, and we can help you find a source for your needs.

Jergens Crank Handles

As a standard in many industries, Jergens carries crank handles that last a lifetime and can be applied to a wide variety of machines and types of equipment. Whether fixed, balanced, folding, or revolving, Jergens provides the handles you need to operate equipment efficiently. The features we provide include:

  • Metal Handles
  • Plastic Handles
  • Steel Handles
  • Inch and Metric Threads

If you need help finding the right Jergens handle for your application, check out our engineer guide for Knobs, Handles, and Handwheels.

Jergens Threaded Spring Locating Pins

Spring plungers are specialty, precision elements to workholding fixtures and tables from gym equipment to medical accessories. We supply threaded and non-thread locking element Jergens threaded plungers of the following varieties:

  • Ball-nose spring plungers
  • Plastic spring plungers
  • Stainless steel spring plungers

Jergens Spring Stops

Spring stop buttons, also called spring stops, are helpful workholding or positioning appliances that can be fixed to a variety of work surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical. They help align workpieces of varying dimensions as other fixtures hold clamp down on their position. A wide variety of Jergens Tooling spring-loaded stops are available upon request.

Jergens Rest Buttons

Jergens rest buttons are precise workholding components that fit into female threaded fixtures in both manual and automated industrial setups. Jergens rest buttons are circular and come in a variety of lengths and diameters both metric and inch. We also carry press-fit and threaded rest buttons for every application.

Jergens Fixture Jacks

Fixture jacks by Jergens are ideal for workholding scenarios in which you need a positive pressure on a piece at a specific height or width. These spring-loaded positioning pieces are durable, accurate, and versatile no matter what fixture you might be using.

We carry knurled fixture jacks with shoulder heads and metric working heights by Jergens.

Jergens Tooling Balls

Quality is essential when manufacturing parts whose function and efficiency can come down to the millimeter. Jergens tooling balls ensure quality with precise fixtures for correct dimensionality and position.

Reid Supply carries tooling balls by Jergens in standard metric and inch diameters.

Jergens Locating Pins

Alignment pins or locating pins are essential for workstation accuracy in both manual and automated applications. Jergens locating pins are standard equipment across industries and come in spring-loaded and rigid forms. We provide:

  • Plastic Locating Pins
  • Aluminum Locating Pins
  • Knurled Locating Pins
  • Spring Alignment Pins