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Plastic Hinges

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Plastic hinges made from durable thermoplastic material are ideal for uses where gripping ability may be hindered, such as around wet or greased applications. They come in standard leaf-style hinges as well as spring-loaded hinges that can provide either higher torque to make lifting heavy doors easier, or friction to slow the accidental slamming of a container.

Why Use Plastic Hinges

Heavy duty plastic hinges may not offer the same raw durability as other materials, but they do provide temperature resistance and come with steel internal mechanisms for enhanced usable lifetimes. The industrial-grade technopolymer made by Elesa and 80/20 provides easy adjustment of the torque of their friction brake hinges, as well as a long life in corrosive or high temperature environments.

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Leaf & Butt Hinges

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Free-swinging leaf hinges, also known as butt hinges, offer no resistance and consist of two flat plates joined by a pin through a center barrel.

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Torque & Friction Hinges

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Metal Torque Hinges allow the control of the opening and the closure of a door. The torque adjustment can be achieve with the aid of a setting key or with the adjustment of a screw.Heavy Duty Adjustable Torque Hinges have an adjustable holding torque with the aid of a setting key. The hinge articulates and holds a panel in position thus eliminating the need for a gas strut or lid stay. The holding torque is adjusted using a hex setting screwAdjustable Torque Hinges are operate with a single torque adjustment using the screw. They are used to hold doors or panels in position. The adjusting screw is made from stainless steel. The medium hinge is suitable for M4 fixings and the large hinge is suitable for M6 fixings both of which are not supplied

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