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Rubber Latches & Locks

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Rubber latches are used in hole-mount, gasket appliances, and as pull latches in certain applications. Industrial uses for rubber latches vary by desired use, but certain kinds of rubber latches help enhance grip, apply friction force, or simply prevent scratching or impact damage that a metal latch might cause.

Types of Rubber Latches

Swell latches utilize a rubber collar that is pressed upon by the handle to expand and fill a pre-set area to secure equipment or doors. This allows for minor misalignment of the latch as well as vibration dampening benefits when needed. Rubber draw latches are held in tension by pushing a rubber handle with a protrusion into a hole that tightly holds the rubber material to fasten two parts together.

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Draw Latches & Keepers

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Draw latches use a lift-and-catch design to draw two items together using tension.

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Latch Accessories

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Kit can be used with any 5⁄16" square shanked handles for two point locking. Kit includes two gold zinc plated steel rods, two plastic rod guides, steel cam, two steel bushings, two wave washers, and three set screws. The Quarter Turn lock range is supplied with a range of accessories including fixing rings. These are supplied in two different types; one in Spring Steel and the other in Die Cast Zinc. They are suitable for all locks with a 20.2 x 22.2 fixing hole. These are quarter turn latch accessories. Available in 3 styles; 2 are latch hooks and 1 is a latch finger pull. Latch and Lock Keys are specific to their parent part for additional security and will often need to be ordered separately. All of the keys for our locks and latches are available here.

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Swell Latches

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Swell latches use the compression of a rubber bushing through a single hole to hold the door against the frame panel.

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