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Disc & Cylindrical Magnets

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Reid Supply offers disc and cylindrical magnets primarily in Neodymium, Alnico and Ceramic models. Neodymium magnets are powerful, yet compact. Alnico magnets are ideal for high heat applications and cermanic magnets are generally the most economical. Applications are abundant: fixtures, jigs, panel mounts, end of retrieving tools, catches/latches, linear actuators, sensing, gyroscopes, flow meters, pacemakers, etc.

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Magnetic Assemblies

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These plates are grooved to be able to hold round parts as well. The plates are also notched for holding parts above base of vise. Smooth on back side. They are accurately machined, hardened and ground. Constructed of plates or channels with magnets sandwiched in between. Ideal for holding heavy parts. Effective holding against shear force.

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