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Stainless Steel Washers, Spacers & Bushings

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Stainless steel washers are ideal in environments where the parts are exposed to corrosive materials or when rust could adversely affect the operation of the parts. Whether the application requires basic flat washers, cup washers, or stainless steel lock washers, we provide the standard diameters used across industries and manufacturing setups.

Uses for Different Types of Washers

Washers provide cushioning, spacing, protection, and load distribution for bolting, screw mounting, or other fastening component. Stainless steel constructions protect against rust and corrosion as well as in sanitary applications. Using stainless steel washers for fastening hardware on equipment allows for increased durability and longevity in most cases compared to standard mild steel material.

We also carry stainless steel retaining rings and C-clips to ensure reliable clip strength over long life cycles. These fasteners slide into pre-machined grooves to apply an even outward force to retain parts.

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Retaining & Fixing Rings

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Retainer Rings are installed into pre-manufactured grooves on axles to act as a shoulder and retain a specified component or assembly. These retainers are designed with a lip for easy assembly and dismantling.C-Clip Retainer Rings can be used on axles with or without pre-manufactured grooves as an ideal solution to shoulder and retain a specified component or assembly. These C-Clips have a durable and bright zinc finish.E-Clip Retainer Rings slide into a groove on a shaft to shoulder, align, and retain a specific component or assembly. E-Clips are available in a wide range of sizes and variety of materials to best suit your application.

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C-Washers can be used to distribute the load of a fastener and help prevent damage to the object being fastened.Dished washers are similar to spherical washers, but instead are designed for elongated holes. They are punched, gauged and tempered.Ideal for applications where there is an uneven surface. Offered as pairs or individual male and female pieces.Ball Head Position Adjusters allow exact positioning when assembling sloping bases up to approximately four degrees angle of inclination. A second ball head position adjuster is recommended as a base in sloped positions. They are one-piece constructed.Bonded WashersMetal flat washers are available in mild or stainless steel. They provide full insulation, cushioning and spacing.Designed for applications involving low loads and require high deflection. Available in plain, metal, or zinc plated finishes.Commonly used as a take up spring for a wide range of load bearing applications. Provide greater load bearing capacity than single wave washers with some loss in deflection capability.Snubbing Washers are used with bonded mounts to provide multi-directional vibration isolation, shock attenuation, and noise reduction. When used together, these fail safe mounts and washers are easy to install and provide consistent performance."

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