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Threaded Knobs

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Knobs with threading are essential for clamping and easy grip across industries and applications. Whether manufacturing equipment or replacing parts on your own machinery, threaded knobs are essential workholding appliances.

Types of Threaded Knobs

The industrial threaded knobs that Reid Supply provides include:

Although we carry nearly all the leading manufacturers of threaded knobs, should you have a specific need for a part we don’t carry, let our team know and we may be able to acquire that part for your long-term needs.

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Lobed Knobs

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Sometimes referred to as fluted knobs, lobed knobs with 10 lobes bridge a valuable gap between lobed knobs and knurled knobs by bringing wider grips than a typical knurled knob, while increasing the number of lobes over much wider gaps in knobs with fewer lobes.

They are ideal in setups where a "soft" grip is desired for hand cranking on equipment or workpieces.

Not sure whether a knob or handle is appropriate for your setup?

Check out our Engineer Guide to Knobs, Handles, and Handwheels to find the material and style of knob or handle that works best for your project’s specifications.

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