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Shear Loc

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Thumb screw knobs, knurled knobs, lobed knobs, and more are found in nearly every industrial application and across all industries. Making control secure, simple, and easy is why we provide Shear Loc brand knobs for hand or tool operation. Shear Loc is known for its reliability, consistency, and quality materials as well as for its affordability.

Types of Shear-Loc Knobs

Manufactured for nearly any equipment need imaginable, Shear Loc makes the following types of knobs:

These knobs come in many sizes and colors for easy identification for any application. With measurements in both imperial and metric, they’re compatible with all types of workspaces or product specifications.

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Thumb Screw Knobs

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Thumb screw knobs can be press-fit onto screws to create a small knob for clamping or securing quickly and easily with just the thumb and forefinger.

The wide variety of thumb screw knobs we supply can be used with any length screw and come in a variety of knurling patterns or wing-tip designs. They are ideal for applications where space is restricted and fastening with a tool is not possible.

We carry thumb screws in a variety of styles, including:

The versatility of thumb screw knobs extends to overlapping styles, including knurled lobed and many others. Browse our online catalog to see every style, size, and application type of thumb screw knob available with the quickest lead times.

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